MATH 200: Linear algebra

Instructor:Shawn Baland
Office: Harder 223
Email: sbaland at skidmore dot edu
Office hours: TR 14:00–15:00


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Linear algebra is arguably the most important tool in both pure and applied mathematics. In fact, mathematicians frequently solve very difficult problems by reducing them to questions about linear algebra.

Along with the benefit of having such a useful tool comes the price of learning a bit of abstract machinery. In this course we’ll learn the theory of systems of linear equations as a primer for delving into the more abstract setting of vector spaces. Along the way we’ll explore several applications and exhibit ways to solve otherwise tedious kinds of problems using our newly obtained collection of awesome tricks.

Times and locations: MW 14:30–15:50, Harder 202
F 14:30–15:25, Harder 209
Textbook: David C. Lay, Linear algebra and its applications, fifth edition


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Homework will make up 20% of the overall course grade. The lowest homework score will not count towards your final grade.

Assignments are due by 17:00 on the specified days. You may hand in homework before or after class, but please do not interrupt lecture to do so. Work may also be turned in to my mailbox in the math office any time prior to the deadline. Late work will not be accepted for grading.

To make life easier on the grader, you must ensure that your name is written clearly on the front of your homework and that your pages are stapled securely together.

Assignment 1, due Monday 18 September pdf
Assignment 2, due Monday 25 September pdf
Assignment 3, due Monday 2 October pdf
Assignment 4, due Monday 9 October
This is a group assignment!
Assignment 5, due Monday 16 October pdf
Assignment 6, due Wednesday 1 November pdf
Assignment 7, due Friday 10 November pdf
Assignment 8, due Friday 17 November pdf
Assignment 9, due Friday 1 December pdf
Assignment 10, due Friday 8 December pdf


There will be one midterm exam which will make up 30% of the overall course grade. It will take place on Wednesday 18 October during class.

The final exam will be cumulative and make up 50% of the overall course grade. It will take place on Thursday 14 December from 09:00 until 11:00 in Harder 202.

Specific examination guidelines will follow via email.

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