MA 215: Math reasoning/discrete structures

Instructor:Shawn Baland
Office: Harder 223
Email: sbaland at skidmore dot edu
Office hours: M 15:00–16:00
F 12:00–13:00


Course information

This course is the gateway to more advanced topics in mathematics where, as the questions of interest become more subtle or complex, one is forced to adopt a rigorous framework in which to study them. We will first learn the rules of the propositional calculus, which will help us decompose or rephrase mathematical statements for the porpose of proving/disproving them. We will then learn about the fundamental objects of study in mathematics, namely sets and functions.

The second part of the course will delve into problem solving, making use of the framework described above. The problems we will solve are called discrete because they involve finite collections of objects, or collections of objects that can be arranged in such a way as to be “countable”. Time permitting, our journey will touch on such topics as number theory, probability and graph theory.

Times and locations: M 11:15–12:10, Palamountain 303
WF 10:10–11:30, Palamountain 303
Textbook: Smith, Eggen and St. Andre, A transition to advanced mathematics, seventh edition


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Homework will make up 30% of the overall course grade. The lowest homework score will not count towards your final grade.

Assignments are due by 17:00 on the specified days. You may hand in homework before or after class, but please do not interrupt lecture to do so. Work may also be turned in to my mailbox in the math office any time prior to the deadline. Late work will not be accepted for grading.

To make life easier on the grader, you must ensure that your name is written clearly on the front of your homework and that your pages are stapled securely together.

Assignment 1, due Wednesday 31 January pdf
Assignment 2, due Wednesday 7 February pdf
Assignment 3, due Wednesday 14 February pdf
Assignment 4, due Wednesday 21 February pdf
Assignment 5, due Wednesday 28 February pdf
Assignment 6, due Friday 9 March pdf
Assignment 7, due Friday 30 March pdf
Assignment 8, due Friday 6 April pdf
Assignment 9, due Friday 13 April pdf
Assignment 10, due Friday 20 April pdf
Assignment 11, due Monday 30 April pdf


There will be one midterm exam which will make up 30% of the overall course grade. It will take place on Wednesday 21 March during class.

The final exam will be cumulative and make up 40% of the overall course grade. It will take place on Monday 7 May from 9:00 until 11:00 in Palamountain 303.

Specific examination guidelines will follow via email.

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